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  • ※ environmental silencing works

    When the unit is running at 1500 rpm, the distance of one meter from the unit will produce 98-112db (A) noise pollution and waste gas pollution, in order to avoid noise and exhaust pollution of the external environment, must be comprehensive management.

    ※ machine room silencer door:

    Muffler door structure to metal as the framework, the internal attachment of high-intensity sound insulation material, the external metal plate, silencer door and wall door frame closely.

    ※ Diesel engine inlet system silence:

    Diesel engine work, there must be enough air to maintain the normal operation of the unit, the intake system should be used through the silencer tank forced into the wind way.

    ※ Diesel exhaust system silence:

    When the diesel engine is cooled by the tank fan system, the heat of the radiator of the tank must be discharged from the engine room. To prevent the noise from coming out of the engine room, the exhaust fan must be provided.

    ※ Diesel exhaust gas treatment system:

    Diesel engine emissions from the operation of the waste gas to be processed in the exhaust emissions of an additional waste gas treatment system, the exhaust muffler pipeline using fire protection materials to be bandaged to reduce the heat emitted to the engine room, so as to achieve the most flue gas purification Good effect.

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