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  • ※ Multi-function emergency power supply The existing vehicles for the installation of two types of car chassis, power generating units and power management system are mainly used to deal with emergency emergency power supply.

    ※ can provide 20KW-2000KW full range of emergency power car products. Chassis brand Isuzu, Dongfeng, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other options. The length of the envelope covers 3.50m-9.50m.

    ※ mute the envelope: the envelope of high strength, absorption and attenuation of noise, with mute, heat, dust, rain, shock composite function.

    ※ professional winch: cable winch according to different specifications of the cable retractable requirements of the use of different speed ratio, to achieve the best results, the operation is very simple, retractable.

    ※ Optional lift-type lighting system, can start and not start in the state of the generator, respectively, choose AC or DC lighting power.

    ※ multi-function emergency power supply vehicles need to be different according to the power of the equipment, different brands, different sizes need different configurations, specific needs, please contact me.

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