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    Nanning, Guangxi News April 30 (correspondent Mao Yuxian) According to the Guangxi weather forecast, "51" convective weather and more around the region Leiyu Jiang, Guangxi Power Grid Company actively adopt measures to strengthen inspections of equipment and line maintenance to ensure safe supply of electricity .

    April 30, I learned from the Guangxi Power Grid Corporation, the current units Guangxi Power Grid precautions, important to strengthen the power grid transmission equipment and line operational monitoring and inspection checks, especially accident-prone areas of power lines, equipment and use Power situation carefully examined, to protect the "May Day" holiday of the electricity demand, especially in normal use of electricity residents due to electricity and hospitals, transportation facilities, public places, the main tourist attractions, shopping malls and other key sites.

    It is reported that during the holidays, "May Day" throughout the region thunderstorms mostly in northern region I will have a more significant rainfall, locally accompanied by thunder, thunderstorms, hail and other severe convective weather, rainfall in some areas in Northeast Guangxi 50 -100 mm, 20-40 mm rest of our region. Guangxi Power Grid Corporation in strict accordance with the appropriate wind and flood control emergency plans, strengthen line inspection equipment and maintenance, commutative tower, cement pole landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters areas occur, strengthening the monitoring and special patrols, to take timely basis reinforcement, temporary cable and other effective prevention and control measures, once the accident occurred distribution network and low voltage lines disconnected, inverted pole, will do now safety warning signs and isolation, and repair as soon as possible; on the low-lying, vulnerable to flooding substation, Taiwan area, opening and closing for investigation and protection, the availability of sandbags, pumps and other flood control devices, once found that could endanger the personal safety and electrical equipment and facilities abnormal situation, so that the water rose electricity stopped, the water receded electrical cardioversion.

    "May Day" holiday, the country's main tourist attractions, shopping malls and other crowded places emphasis, the power supply is essential. To this end, Guangxi Power Grid Corporation to strengthen these crowded places of power lines and equipment hidden investigation, found hidden in a timely disposal, and arrange visits during the holidays or on duty in the crowded neighborhood place, good power supply emergency security work. At the same time, strengthening load forecast, reasonable arrangements grid run way, to protect the demand for electricity, with a priority to protect the normal production and life of residents of electricity and hospitals, transportation facilities, urban and rural residents, public places, the main tourist attractions, shopping malls and other key places electricity. Guangxi Power Grid Corporation dispatch center staff said that Guangxi power grid tracking power supply sufficient to meet the needs of our region's electricity production and life.

    In addition, the Guangxi Power Grid Corporation also actively making preparations for flood control to guarantee the electricity, all levels of emergency supplies, team, equipment and spare parts to prepare adequate emergency supplies allocation management has opened a warehouse district 24-hour service hotline, ensure that once When the accident, the first time can be quickly dispatched, timely repair, restore power. "95598" power supply service hotline for 24 hours a day, the majority of people experiencing electricity blackouts, you can always call "95598" power supply service hotline counseling, help.