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    South Network News began in the second half of last year, Guizhou coal supply tensions, coal stocks in March this year, hit a new low in nearly five years. In this regard, China Southern Power Grid Corporation to actively respond to, through the coordination of the province, the remaining power shortage swap, optimize the system operation and other initiatives to ensure that the fourth quarter of 2016 and 2017 during the Spring Festival in Guizhou, Guangdong, stable supply of electricity, Lack of supply of coal lead to peak and so on.

    In view of the unfavorable situation of supply of electricity in Guizhou, the company on the one hand in a timely manner to the relevant state ministries and the Guizhou provincial government to report the tension of Guizhou coal, urging the coordination of Guizhou coal and electricity supply; on the other hand by strengthening the coal pre- Flexible transfer between the provincial power shortage, optimize the system operation mode, optimize the reservoir scheduling and other initiatives, to protect the power supply. Next, the company will continue to closely follow the coal supply situation, to strengthen coordination and coordination, to take a variety of effective measures to minimize the lack of electricity supply to the electricity supply impact. (Zhao Yuzhu Wang Hao)