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    Brushless generator works:

    Works brushless alternator is to exciter stator field winding for excitation, which will be issued AC armature winding rotor, the rotor is rectified to the main power generator field winding rotor, so that the main power machine armature windings in the stator alternating current required to induce. This is generally the alternator "brushless" works.

    However, the landlord said was "small" alternator, and surfaces of the two rotor windings have a "magnet" and they all have a coil winding capacitance and resistance. Such a generator principle should be different from ordinary generators. Since there is no map can see, can not jump to conclusions, only element acts provided for to make a guess: the two windings of the rotor magnetic field should be provided to the main generator excitation current use, "little magnet" should be core bar, capacitance and resistance of the rotor windings should be smoothing it, but how rectifying it? There should be a rectifier diode, right? For small alternator may not need to adjust its output voltage, and therefore do not necessarily use the stator exciter field winding (possible to use permanent magnet direct excitation).

    In addition, there is a possibility, and that is: permanent magnet excitation generator directly mounted on the rotor, the rotor winding is used to adjust the excitation magnetic field, resistors, capacitors are used as a filter.

    Brushless synchronous generator:

    This is a dual DC brushless synchronous generator, the dual-band IF frequency brushless synchronous generator (400 Hz) generator, frequency (50 Hz) generators, AC exciter, rotating rectifier, brushless excitation input , clutch, fan, base, front cover, back cover and bearing etc., frequency brushless generator is a certain frequency (50 Hz) the use of foreign asynchronous generator start, synchronize Excitation, synchronous operation, Another driving frequency (400 Hz) of the generator, the whole process is brushless.

    Dual power to achieve brushless, brushless DC inverter power can be realized. Dual DC brushless synchronous generator allows dual frequency power generation and achieve brushless, canceled the slip ring brushes, no sparks high-frequency interference, no slip ring and carbon brush wear problems; power generation and IF frequency voltage mutual do not interfere, the voltage waveform lower chord good, excellent quality of power supply; generator high reliability, easy maintenance, easy to implement intelligent automatic control power plant.