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  • Brushless motor structure analysis and simple operating principle

    Brushless motor structure analysis

    Structurally, brushless motors and brush motors have similarities, there are also the rotor and stator, and just opposite the brush motor structure; brush motor rotor coil windings, and power output shaft is connected to the stator is a permanent magnet steel; brushless motor is a permanent magnet rotor magnet, along with housing and an output shaft connected together, the stator windings is to remove the brush motor for alternating EMF commutation brush, so called brushless motors ( Brushless motor), that now there is a problem, there is no electromagnetic field of transformation, how to make the brushless motor rotates it?
    Concise brushless motor operation principle

    In simple terms, by changing the input to the current wave brushless motor stator coils alternating frequency and waveform, formed around a coil winding around the geometric axis of rotation of the motor magnetic field, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet rotor drive rotation, the motor will turn up, the number of motor performance and magnets, magnet flux intensity, motor input voltage size and other factors, but also a great relationship with brushless motor control performance, because the input is DC current require electronic governor turning it into a three-phase alternating current, but also from the remote control receiver which receives the control signal to control the motor speed to meet the need to use the model. In general, the structure of the brushless motor is quite simple, really decide its performance or brushless electronic governor, governor needs to have good electronic MCU control program design, circuit design, complex process and other processes The overall control, so the price is much higher than brush motors.