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  • Jaguar power of humanities: equality, respect, mutual trust, together, achievements, win-win situation 

    We advocate for every member of the company with equality, respect, mutual trust, cohesion, achievement, win-win attitude and action. 

    Equality is the core of the humanistic philosophy: Jaguar power in the position, ability, education, skills and other aspects of the differences, but in the personality are treated equally. On the basis of equality, enterprises and employees, employees and employees respect each other, put an end to any disrespect for others words and deeds. On the basis of respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual encouragement, mutual support, each other to the other side of the positive energy, in order to make everyone with a comfortable mood into the work. 

    Employer concept: Germany for the first, can be based, ground-based, for the degree of our employment principle is: who can, the flat let, Yongzhe the next.
    We choose talent to pay attention to both ability and political integrity, to Germany first "De" refers to the identity and integration into the Jaguar power enterprise culture, "only" refers to the ability to work. For those who have the talented people to be reused, we are in the user-oriented, adhere to the democratic open, contest merit selection method, pay attention to virtue, pay attention to performance, not only education, regardless of age, not identity, as long as dedicated , Outstanding performance, for the company to work hard and contribute will be reused. 

    Career concept: based on the post, cultivate talent; carefully nurture, boost the growth of each employee must be based on their posts, the post as their own stage, and constantly enhance their experience, knowledge and skills to make themselves a real talent The "Jade is not cut into a device", the real virtue must be trained in the work, reinforce their own heritage, experience their own personality, can be reused.
    For the staff who want to be a secretary and officer, we cultivate and guide in a variety of ways, boosting their ability to continuously enhance their comprehensive qualities and grow into the backbone of Jaguar power. 

    Stay in the concept: respect for talent, the cause of the development and expansion of the company can not do without good talent. We respect the value of each employee's own, reasonable arrangements for work, so that people appropriate place, the right people, to encourage employees to continue efforts in the Jaguar power to create value.
    We advocate employees to achieve their own value and help the development of enterprises combined with personal needs and business needs combined, and through a good career development mechanism for employees to achieve the cause of success, the stage to display their talents, so that employees and enterprises grow together. 

    Shenzhen Jaguar thank you yesterday to pay, harvest the achievements of today, let us witness the glory of tomorrow!