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  • ※ and the cabinet is also known as "generator automatic control cabinet", two and more than one generator set in parallel with a power supply to the power supply, the need to install the generator and machine cabinet, the generator output data Relatively stable synchronization, the system can meet the requirements of the joint power supply; can withstand the impact of greater load changes, improve the reliability of power supply system, continuity.

    ※ economy: according to the size of the grid load, put into the appropriate unit to run to reduce fuel, oil waste.

    ※ Convenience: multiple units and the use of centralized scheduling, so that the need for maintenance of the unit in time to be processed.

    ※ expansion: according to electricity demand, at any time to increase the generating units, simply install the required generating units and cabinets, the initial investment is not a waste.

    ※ and the cabinet network system according to the different requirements of the equipment, the current is different, the required configuration is different, please contact with the specific company.

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